Last year was one of the bloodiest years in Indiana history as Indianapolis set yet another homicide record with 271 murders, while Evansville, Fort Wayne and South Bend all had deadly years.

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Finding out what your lawmakers in the Indiana Legislature are doing has never been easier if you know where to look. We’d like to help by sharing a few tips that we hope will give you some tools to keep up on issues you care about.

The property tax is the biggest source of tax revenue for most Indiana local governments, and they were worried about the effect of the COVID recession on property tax revenues.

My friend Tim Shoaf texted me recently to defend the importance of Facebook in efforts to defeat global warming.

There have been two topics of Mike Pence for president stories in recent weeks. The first has been about Pence taking his nascent campaign to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, preparing for an upstart 2024 campaign. The second is the many articles saying he has little to no chance, par…

The Great Recession depressed new construction and reduced the demand for property. Property prices fell, especially for homes. Statewide, assessed values fell in 2011 and again in 2013. Assessments declined in 54 of 92 counties in 2013 alone.

The recent statewide elections in Virginia have brought K-12 education back to the front burner. A former Democrat governor lost – in a state handily won by President Biden a year ago. The chief causes: declining popularity of Democrats on the national stage (compared with 2020) and trouble …

Indiana Republicans have dominated state politics over this past generation, holding all Statehouse constitutional offices, super majorities in the General Assembly and all but two seats of the congressional delegation for much of the past decade.

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg received a great deal of criticism lately for taking paternity leave. It is a time of snarled port traffic, understocked grocery shelves and growing worry about supply chains. I think these critiques are in bad faith and unworthy of an intellectuall…

The pandemic has spun off a number of curve balls, from missing workers, to supply change disruptions and angry school board confrontations over masking, but if you’re a Hoosier mayor or city council member, well, grab your shades because the future is bright.

Sen. Todd Young seems to have it all these days. He raised a record $1.6 million for his first Senate reelection campaign this past quarter, sitting on a lofty $5.6 million cash. He doesn’t have a primary opponent. The three Democratic candidates have raised a combined $100,000.