Afro-Latina Beauty Brand Co-founder Talks Tips, Culture and Finding Success

(BPT) - Ada Rojas is not your typical entrepreneur and small-business owner. She’s one of only a few Afro-Latinas to launch a beauty brand with her community in mind as the inspiration. Although representation is a hot button topic for many industries and workplaces, Latina voices and stories often still go unheard. In partnership with Target, Ada’s story is being told via the retailer’s Más Que (“More Than”) campaign, which is a new, year-long celebration that features Latino artists, entrepreneurs and team members’ inspirational stories of success, resilience and cultural contributions. Ada, an Afro-Latina Dominicana (Dominican) from the Bronx, is now on a mission to pave the way for other aspiring Latina entrepreneurs who also “live in the hyphen” and embrace their bicultural experiences.

“I’m proud to be Afro-Latina,” says Ada. “I’m equally proud of my Latinidad but also proud of my Blackness because that’s what people first see when I walk into a room. I feel it’s my duty to use my platform so that my Latinx community can help uplift marginalized voices. With the current fight for social justice, people may forget that the makeup of the Latino community is extremely diverse and inclusive of the African Diaspora. I’m hoping my platform and brand can help my fellow Afro-Latinas to always feel seen and heard.”

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