Webb’s Family Pharmacy owner and pharmacist Harry Webb, background, weighs medication Tuesday as pharmacy technician Patty Baker-Collins checks on patient information.

Webb’s Family Pharmacy owner Harry Webb says his Main Street location is as busy as ever, despite changes in operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the added risk, steps have been taken to limit access to pharmacy staff at all three Webb’s locations. The precautionary measures have been implemented to protect not only the staff but the public as well.

The door to the Main Street pharmacy in Rochester is locked, but staff are able to assist customers from the back door. The Rochester location has also added curbside pickup locations in the back parking lot. Nobody is coming into the store except employees, who are monitoring their temperatures to make sure they remain healthy.

“We have someone manning our back door, and they go out and basically talk to the customer, find out what they’re after and then they bring it out to them,” Webb said. “And, we’re also delivering to homes for anybody that doesn’t want to get out of their house. We’ll bring it right to their doorstep.”

He says pharmacies are getting a lot of patients’ credit cards on file, so they can come to the drive-thru and not have to touch anything. That also helps keep things moving, Webb says.

“It’s going pretty smoothly,” Webb said of the process since the changes were implemented last week. “We’ve already worked out a lot of the bugs, and people are able to move right through. It’s actually taken a lot of pressure off the staff because we had a few patients in here prior that were sick, and that really freaks everyone out a little bit.”

With the front door locked, he notes there is only one direction staff have to pay attention to now.

The changes have been implemented at all three Webb’s Family Pharmacy locations, including in Akron and North Manchester. Although the Akron store does not have a drive-thru, curbside pickup is available, as well as deliveries.

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