In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, additional precautionary measures have been ordered by Fulton County Sheriff Chris Sailors.

The precautionary measures, implemented at the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and Fulton County Jail, are intended to ensure the safety of the community, first responders and staff, according to Sailors.

Effective Sunday, limited access was instituted at the sheriff’s office administration building and at the jail. Those who are unsure about the importance of their situation are encouraged to call the sheriff’s office at 223-2819 or 800-419-2819 or the jail at 224-5630.

The following is an update to operations:

Calls for service

Deputies will respond on all emergency and in-progress calls as in the past. At this time, nonemergency calls that do no require the physical presence of a deputy will be handled by a deputy over the phone or by email.

“We will still be patrolling as normal and remain fully functional,” Sailors said.

He notes deputies may be wearing latex gloves and a mask, will likely maintain a safe interview distance of at least 6 feet and request to be in an open-air location such as outdoors, porches, etc.

In the event that a criminal arrest is necessary, offenders will be taken into custody and transported to the Fulton County Jail.


Opening locked vehicles will only be for emergencies at this time, such as if a child is locked in a car.

VIN checks

All Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle locations conduct title, or VIN, checks at license branches. Until further notice, you will need to obtain VIN checks at the BMV. If the BMV temporarily suspends services, there will likely be no immediate need for said paperwork.

Copies of reports

Crash reports are available at or

To request a copy of an incident report, call the records department at 224-5629 or email Amber Moolenaar at Those reports can be emailed, faxed or mailed. Make certain to include your name, date of the incident, type and location of the incident.

Handgun permits

The application process begins online at The sheriff’s department will need a copy of your fingerprint receipt, a copy of your driver’s license and money for the actual permit. Call 224-5629 or look up the price online. To process, call for an appointment.

Tax warrants

All tax warrants may still be paid. Call ahead and speak to Jodi Miller at 224-5621. She will provide you the information that you need. The sheriff’s department will accept a money order or cashier’s check, which may be mailed to the sheriff’s office. A receipt will be sent in return. You may also go online to the Indiana Department of Revenue,, to take advantage of online services or call the Department of Revenue customer service line at 317-232-2240.

Inmate visitation and deposits

All inmate visitation is suspended until further notice. Visits may still continue via phone as in the past. The jail lobby kiosk will remain open for deposits on an inmate’s phone account or trust account.

Also, the Fulton County Commissioners have restricted access to many offices for those who need to conduct business with the county. Individuals will be allowed to do so on a case-by-case basis by making an appointment with the respective county office, which will determine if it warrants personal interaction. Notices have been posted on building doors with phone numbers to call to reach someone inside to discuss business needs.

“The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the public, our staff and individuals under our care and in custody. Our priority is the safety, security and health of everyone in Fulton County. We are working closely with the Health Department, Commissioners, Emergency Management, 911, Woodlawn Hospital, City of Rochester and all other law enforcement agencies and first responders,” Sailors said. “In addition, we have been in contact with the Department of Corrections, regarding the care of inmates and have established a protocol for all arrested to assure that they would not potentially infect our jail population. I would like to thank Judge (Chris) Lee, Judge (Greg) Heller, Prosecutor (Mike) Marrs and Probation Chief (Andy) Holland for working with Law Enforcement to assure the Criminal Justice System remains intact during these times.”

– The Sentinel report

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