As of Thursday, all Fulton County offices and facilities, excluding the courthouse, are closed to the public due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

People who need to conduct business with the county will be allowed to do so on a case-by-case basis by making an appointment with the respective office, which will determine if the matter warrants personal interaction. Notices have been posted on building doors with phone numbers to reach someone inside to discuss needs.

The following phone numbers for departments and officeholders have been posted outside the Fulton County Office Building: Area Plan Commission, 223-7667; Assessor, 223-2801; Auditor, 223-2912; Fulton County Clerk, 223-2911; E-911, 223-2910; Emergency Management Agency, 223-6611; Health Department, 223-2881; Highway Department, 223-2385; Maintenance Director, 223-2548; Recorder, 223-7710; Fulton County Sheriff, 223-2819; Surveyor, 223-3317; and Veteran Services, 223-2217.

Employees of the county are restricted from attending an out-of-county meeting unless approved in advance. Additionally, local board meetings have been closed to the public. Media will be permitted to attend, and department heads are to submit reports via email ahead of time.

“It is recommended that employees with underlying conditions get a note from their primary care provider with a recommended course of action,” a county press release states. “If you have trouble getting an appointment with the doctor, the original diagnostic documentation can be used instead.” A doctor recommendation would be required if the employee is requesting extended time away from work due to illness.

Employees with symptoms, documented by a doctor’s note, will be granted up to 10 days off with pay. If after 10 days the employee is not ready to return to work, the situation will be reevaluated.

Department heads must document lack of attendance related to COVID-19 related outbreak in the case there may be reimbursement from state or federal government at a later date.

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