‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’: 5 Reasons Sharon Carter Could be the Power Broker
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Of all the characters in the MCU, Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) might have one of the most dramatic transformations between her on-screen appearances. Between Captain America: Civil War and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon’s gone from an idealistic SHIELD agent who defied the Sokovia Accords to side with Captain America (Chris Evans), to a mega-rich stolen-art dealer in the criminal safe haven of Madripoor. And we thought Bruce Banner becoming Professor Hulk was extreme!

Based on the events of Falcon‘s third episode, we’re thinking there might be more to Sharon’s new life than meets the eye. Here are 5 reasons we (and plenty of Marvel fans) think she just might be the mysterious “Power Broker” the Internet’s been abuzz about since the episode dropped on April 2.

This article originally ran on tvinsider.com.


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